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Attractive, magical, extraordinary…This unique place and its special energy will become your favorite hot spot. Set on the rocks and surrounded by the crystal clear sea, here you will discover a true little gourmet paradise. Here you will experience the marvel of the Dalmatian sunny morning with an energizing breakfast, you can enjoy quality local cuisine and fresh seafood, or simply relax to your drink of choice after a long day of swimming and sunbathing.

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Premium wine
Boutique Winery Mikuluć

Wine and olive oil have marked the lives of the people of Pelješac and left a deep mark in the tradition of the peninsula. The hard-working hands of the Pelješac farmers have worked the land for centuries and created fertile vineyards in the most inaccessible terrains, providing top quality wines. One of them is Postup, a well-known Croatian wine-making locality, placed at the entrance of Orebić. At the foot of Postup is the village of Mokalo, home to the Boutique winery Mikulić. It is decorated in the style of traditional Dalmatian taverns, where the greatest Dalmatian treasures have been carefully kept for generations.
Here you will enjoy the glass of the finest Postup wine, named „Don Josip“, signed by the Mikulić family. In addition to tasting wonderful Dalmatian products, it is possible to buy wine and olive oil from family-owned vineyards and olive groves.

Mikulić – Pelješac
The secret of winemaking

The secret of winemaking is deeply rooted in the family tradition and is passed on from generation to generation, from grandfather Josip – after whom the wine was named, to grandson Antonio, who gave the wine a personal, modern touch.
Don Josip will seduce you with its dark ruby color and scents of dark fruits. Warm and thick, with accentuated tannins typical of Pelješac Plavac, it combines perfectly with semi-hard cheeses, dark fish and red meat. This is a wine for all occasions, speaks all the world’s languages, and it is a priceless experience to enjoy a glass on the seafront in Orebić, in the „Old Captain“ Restaurant of Boutique Hotel Adriatic. Supreme quality wine and a unique view of the sea with a glass of Postup, the pride of only the best winemakers of Pelješac! Cheers!

The house wine
Don Josip

Don’t miss out on a glass of Don Josip, the house wine of the family Mikulić winery. This Postup wine, from the eponymous legendary vineyards, will reveal all the splendor of the autochthonous Plavac Mali grape variety to you, which has made Pelješac peninsula world – renowned.
We are certain that this Postup will find a place in your home archive and will remind you of your unforgettable summer in Orebić, of Pelješac, and your Adriatic, in the cold winter months.

Don Josip, the supreme wine of the Boutique winery Mikulić, is a reflection of love for the Dalmatian karst and the crystal blue sea. In it, you will feel the all the power and the strength of a small, autochthonous wine variety, carefully nurtured on Postup, one of the most famous Croatian vineyard regions. There, on the southern side of Pelješac, the flourishing vineyards steeply descend to the sea, creating the most breathtaking landscapes. The perfect conditions for building up the sugar content in the grapes are created due to the Sun’s reflection from the sea surface and from the stone.

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