Wrecks - diving on Peljesac, Croatia

Ship “BOKA” is situated on the depth of 15m. It stranded and then went under in 1981. Its length is 106 m. Part of the ship over the draught’s level has been cut and towed away while the whole bottom is lying at the sea bottom. The complete marine engine with accessory premises – mechanical workshops and a stone part with two huge propellers give a really fascinating view.

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Diving on the walls - Peljesac, Croatia

Places where we dive are characterised by extremely high walls which come down from 15m to approx. 60 vertically. The walls are full of holes, cracks, small caves where you can see various life forms. There are also habitats of different colours and shapes. There are a lot of places where walls are covered with fishing nets which were left behind and which contain bigger fish examples.

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Diving at the anchors - Peljesac, Croatia

A lot of connoisseurs of Adriatic’s circumstances and battles know that in the 13th century, in the area between the peninsula Pelješac and the island of Korčula, one great and important sea battle took place between the Republic of Genoa and the Venetians, and on which occasion the galley’s commander Marko Polo was captured. More than 60 galleys on both sides were sent to the bottom in that battle. Wooden parts of the ships are long gone or are covered with hundred years old sediments of sand but today’s visitors can still see the amazing leaden or stone ships’ anchors as well as the parts of amphora (covered with algae, moss and sponges) on the depth of 25-40m.

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Diving on the Cliffs - Peljesac, Croatia

Numerous cliffs in the channel between Pelješac and Korčula offer pleasant underwater moments no matter if you are beginners or experienced divers. The underwater rock starts on 5m and steeply goes down to the length of 20m. The walls are covered with brown, red and green algae and numerous sponges, mosses and corals. On its shallower part there are a lot of small fish of different species and amazing colours. The sea is transparently blue which makes the game of light and colours even more intense and interesting. The more we get close to the bottom (45m) it is getting more and more sandy with beautiful rocks, shells and fish.
These are only some of the locations which we mentioned because of their extraordinary beauty.

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